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2020 - Surviving or Thriving?

We all have different ways that we're coping with the year of 2020.

But when it's all said and done and the year is over, do you want to look back and say you survived 2020, maybe get the t-shirt, or do you want to say that you THRIVED in 2020?

I can honestly say that the forced slowdown of quarantine was a blessing in disguise for me. I was able to stop and realize that all the commitments I was saying YES to were actually stopping me from working towards my dreams, goals, and vision for my life and family.

Taking the time to reflect on how busy, and not the good productive busy, I truly was has helped me to get even better at creating boundaries and sticking to them. Now, every Sunday when I sit down to plan out the week I start with scheduling time for my top priorities first, those actions that will move me closer to my goals, before adding in anything else.

When 2020 comes to an end and we're all popping open champagne to celebrate I want to look back and know that I THRIVED this year and I want that for you too!

What dreams have you been putting off because you're too busy, too tired, too whatever to take action and make happen? Where have you been stuck and using everyone else's demands on your time as an excuse to not figure out what your next step should be? When will you have a better opportunity then now to decide that you're goals, dreams, vision for your life are important too?

How do you want remember 2020?

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