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And the WINNER is...

No one wins this game! I like to call it the "What's for Dinner" Game!

You've worked all day, the family is hungry, and you look at your hubby and ask "what do you want for dinner." Then the fun begins!

The back and forth debating whether to cook, order take out, or go somewhere plays out for a few rounds then the L/O's start asking what's for dinner and saying they're hungry.

Now we're onto the next round of the game, the hangry kicks in, all patience is lost and you just want someone else to make a decision since you spent the entire day already making 101 decisions. You lose it completely and just grab the phone and order pizza.

Low and behold the final round is the waiting game since it's now the dinner rush and your pizza is going to take 45-60 minutes to arrive, queue the meltdowns from the kids.

This is a lose-lose game and I REFUSE to play anymore!

I've made it a part of my Sunday routine now for years to sit down and plan out the week's meals. I look to see what we already have in the fridge and cupboards and start there for menu options. As I pick what we'll be having I start making my grocery list. Once the list is done I hand it off to the hubby, this has become his part of the meal planning process.

BOOM - we've got team work, the week's meals all planned out, and no one ends up hangry after work, now that's a WIN-WIN-WIN to me!

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