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Are You Ready? I AM!!!

Monday was the 1st day of a new 13 weeks for me!

Spending last week reflecting and resetting has RECHARGED my motivation and enthusiasm!

Looking back over all my past wins, all those small moments that I might have forgotten or even missed, was just the boost I needed!

I can get so caught up in the day to day stress and overwhelm and straight up stuck on my fails at times.

I could have handled that situation differently, better.

I could have done more with my time.

I could have stayed up late, woke up early, burned the candle at both ends, and completely exhausted myself but I would have finished that goal sooner.

The I could've and I should've thoughts can so easily take over, completely overshadowing everything else. Taking note of my wins and WRITING them down in my planner each day has been such a game changer!

Instead of feeling defeated by not reaching a goal by a deadline I thought was obtainable I feel ready to conquer the next 13 weeks and continue making PROGRESS on my goals!

Being a mom and wife who works full time, the time I do have to work on my personal goals is limited....very very limited. But I know that I can't put myself last all the time. I can't ignore my need to rest, to grow, and to laugh and have fun! I know I can't be the best mommy and wife unless I'm refilling my own cup and for me that means spending time growing as a person, connecting with family and friends, and staying healthy.

My milestones and goals over the next 13 weeks are all about becoming more fit by training and running for a 5k, connecting more with my family and friends, and using my planner to make the most of the 24 hours in each day WITHOUT sacrificing sleep! It's all about the small daily actions and wins, not trying to leap and bound my way to a goal, and DEFINITELY not about the could've/should've thoughts.

I know my goals, really dug into my WHY's, have my small daily baby steps ready, and now it's all about showing up each and every day for at least 15 minutes just for me!

Are you ready for you next 13 weeks?

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