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Being Thankful in 2020

This year has left so many of us with bumps and bruises

Mental and physical scars that may be with us for years to come

But it's also taught the hard lesson of what family and community means to us

And about slowing down and making room for what's important

I'm thankful for the pause in life quarantine gave

From the pause AHA! Sisterhood was created

I'm thankful for technology

As it let us stay in touch and continue to support each other as we navigated the almost daily changes of life

I'm thankful for working from home

As it gives the ability to watch our little ones grow and learn daily

It's not always perfect or pretty but I wouldn't trade it for anything

I'm thankful for friendships, old and new

Even though we can't be in person, that simple message asking how the day is going can put a smile on a face knowing you care

While we can all make a list a mile long with all the negative issues we've dealt with in 2020 so far....the great TP shortage, that list won't improve your life. Those negative thoughts won't stop the feeling of spiraling out of control.

I challenge you to list out all of the GOOD that came from 2020.

Put pen to paper!

Remembering what you have to be thankful for, what you're grateful for, is a very powerful tool. Use it well ❤

What tops your list of Thanks and Gratitude for 2020?

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