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Bustin' Out My Planner Hacks!

When I sit down on Sunday's and schedule out my week I don't just look at my calendar to see what I've committed to....nope, that's just a piece of what I do! If you let only your commitments control your daily schedule, then all you're giving time to is everyone else's needs and wants, but what about yours?!

SO, I want to share a few key items I consider before your putting pen to paper in your daily planner!

- List out everything that's in your head that's been taking up space and pulling your attention; any to do's or ideas floating around, get it all out!

- Look at how the previous week went; do you need to give yourself more space for anything? Is there something you can stop doing?

- Review your personal goals, what your working towards, and get your next steps lined up!

I know right now, in this moment, I'm needing more free space, time to rest and decompress as work is extremely busy and overwhelming. That doesn't mean I've stopped taking small daily actions towards my goals and scheduling time for my most important actions, rather, I've made the small daily actions even smaller, crossed out any tasks that just aren't a priority right now, and have been saying NO to any asks that don't fit my priorities and goals.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious right now too, really get intentional about what you are commiting to, be clear with yourself on what your boundaries are, and don't stop moving forward Sister!

You've Got This!

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