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Can I have a refill please?

How are YOU Sister?

Really, how are YOU?

What's in your cup?

What have you been filling your cup up with for the past day, week, month, year?

Have you been telling yourself that life it just too hard, busy, frustrating, overwhelming?

I've been struggling with exhaustion.

I've been tired daily.

I've been overwhelmed just trying to get through the basics for the day!

BUT I realized this morning that this is just a season,

This is just a transition from the crazy, stressful unknown of the past 6 months that we've all been pushing to get through,

This is my body telling me it's time to rest!

So much in 2020 has changed and basic daily things look so different while also leaving our cups empty.

Stop and fill up your cup Sister,

Stop and reevaluate your priorities,

Stop and reflect on what you have accomplished before rushing off to the next thing.

Are the priorities you've been focused on still YOUR priorities?

Or have they changed?

Do you need a season of rest and reset?

Do you need to stop and refill your cup?

It's ok to rest.

Say that with me one more time IT'S OK TO REST!

Thank you, I needed that reminder too!

Once you're rested and your cup is refilled you'll be ready to take the next step towards your goal.

In the meantime, here's my cup, slowly being refilled with you!

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