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Have you ever looked at your to do list and thought "WHAT THE HECK, where'd this all come from!" I know I have and honestly, it felt overwhelming and made me discouraged to even start working on a dang thing.

And then when you do finally start crossing a few things off the list, BAAM, there's more added to it! IT NEVER ENDS!

Or does it?

What if... you had preset boundaries and said NO to some things? Maybe the ones that don't align with your goals and vision for your life and family?

What if... before you said yes to anything you HAD to give yourself 24 hours to think about it and make certain it fit your goals and vision?

What if... you kept a running 'to do' list but only pulled out the top priorities and scheduled time for just those tasks for the day or week?

What if... at the end of the day you knew you finished the most important tasks on your list AND still had time and energy for yourself and family?

I know I know, wishful thinking.... BUT IS IT?

I use to have that never ending to do list that would drive me CRAZY! Then I decided enough was enough! I'm only one person and that list was filled with so many different demands, I was being pulled in so many different directions, that I never knew if I was coming or going. Can you relate?

So I set boundaries, learned to say no, gave myself permission to give 24 hours before saying yes, started scheduling my top priorities FIRST, and gave myself the ability to have time and energy for myself and family! And you know what? It's been a game changer! At the end of my day I honestly can say that I finished my most important tasks and don't feel guilty for not getting things done that just aren't a priority to me or my family and I LOVE IT!

I hope this has you thinking! Thinking about what you can do to get rid of that crazy chaotic to do list and create your own intentional must do list that focuses on your priorities! If you're saying YES YES YES then keep an eye out in the coming weeks for the AHA! Sisterhood 13 Week Planner, it's designed to do exactly that! Plus I've included a place to do your weekly meal planning and highlight your daily WINS!

I don't know if I'm more excited for Christmas or the Planner right now!!!

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