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Choose Well!

I've been listening to the audiobook "Juliet's School of Possibilities" by Laura Vanderkam. It's a great listen, only a bit over 2 hours, and about the struggles of Riley Jenkins and her busy life and the chooses she's making.

Why am I telling you about this book? Because there's a line in the story that Juliet says to Riley that stuck with me hard, and rings so true to me that I can't help but share, "Expectations are infinite. Time is finite. You are always choosing. Choose well."

It really made me stop and pause hearing those words.

Expectations really are infinite! As a mom, wife, employee, daughter, sister, friend, and volunteer there are any number of requests and demands coming at me daily. Some days it can feel like being buried under a mountain of needs from everyone...BUT there are those days too when I'm standing on that mountain knowing I can only move it one rock at a time.

Those days when I'm standing on the mountain, not under it, are the ones that I've been clear on what's important, what my priorities are, and I'm only picking up those rocks. Can you guess what's happened when I feel like I'm buried? Yep, I didn't define my priorities and let my boundaries slip, letting all the infinite expectations pile up...that's never a good day.

The moral of the story....CHOOSE WELL! You only have a finite amount of time, 24 hours a day, how you spend those hours, what you work towards, will make all the difference. One year from now do you want to be hearing yourself say, "I wish I would have...", or do you want to be toasting to all the progress you've made towards your goals?

It's always YOUR choice, choose well Sister!

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