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Consistency is the KEY that Unlocks Doors!

I shared this pic this week not to sell anyone on a diet plan or workout plan or gym membership or any other weight loss program. I shared it for one very specific purpose, I wanted everyone to know, and see, what consistently showing up for your goal every day and making one small baby step towards it can do!

Weight loss is a very visible change that everyone can see, but it's NOT the only goal you can work towards with consistency, literally every goal, vision, dream you have for your life you can work towards by consistently SHOWING UP every day and taking a small daily action towards it!

BUT here's the disclaimer:

you WILL have to have a very clear vision for your goal

you WILL have to really, truly know why you want this for your life

you WILL have to make a commitment

you WILL have to make a plan

you WILL have to prioritize

you WILL have to say NO to other things

you WILL have to set boundaries

Dreaming about what your life COULD be is the fun part!

The vacation you'll take

The home you'll live in

The clothes you'll wear

The relationship you'll have with your significant other, your family, your friends, your self

The mountain you'll climb, river you'll raft, trail you'll hike

The debt you'll pay off

The inner calm and peace you'll have

You can dream, and tell yourself that someday you'll have these things, but let's be brutally honest, if you're not taking action on your dreams they will always JUST be dreams.

You have to take ACTION!

You can DO anything

You can CREATE anything

You can CHANGE anything

But you will have to SHOW UP CONSISTENTLY and take action daily if you want to make your dreams come true.

If you're ready to begin, or struggling to reach a personal goal, I hope you'll make the choice to be consistent because I know you'll make it happen if you do! It won't happen today, or tomorrow, but it will happen with time!

I'd love to hear from you, comment below if you've experienced the power of consistency!

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