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Goal Check In

Holy Crap!

I'm on week 13 of the AHA! Sisterhood planner!

The past 12 weeks have FLOWN by and it's hard to believe that March is just days away!

Week 13 is a very special week

It's when I reflect on what I've accomplished towards my goals

Celebrate BIG for all the little wins along the way

And RESET for the next 13 weeks!

It's really a magical moment when you check in on your progress towards your goals early and often!

Using this week let's me reset my daily small steps to keep me on track to hit my milestones towards my goals without feeling like I'm rushing at the very end to get there.

Between being the CEO of our home, being a mom, and working full time there's never really any free time to just sit down without distraction to reflect so I had to be intentional this week and block out time over a few days to do just that.

No cell phone

No internet

No distractions what so ever!

And let me tell you, I was BRUTALLY honest with myself too.

Did I accomplish every milestone or goal I set for these past 13 weeks.....nope, but I MADE PROGRESS!

Did I take a small daily action every single day towards my goals.....nope, but I MADE PROGRESS!

Am I going to continue working towards my goals....OH HECK YES!

When did you last check in on your progress?

Checked to make sure the small daily actions you're taking are ACTUALLY taking you towards your goals?

Trust me, this is a GAME CHANGER!

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