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Hidden Pockets of Time!

Can't seem to find any time to work on your own goals?

I hear you!

The days go by quicker and quicker now with more responsibility and obligations than ever before.

You're buried in mommy life, work life, family life...with maybe a little time for friends but after that you're exhausted and the day's over!

I bet you have hidden jewels, little pockets of time, that you didn't even realize you had!

What's your morning routine like? Are you getting up at the last minute, rushing around and playing catch up all day? Have you tried getting up a bit earlier and getting your small daily action done then?

What's your commute like? Have you tried listening to a great audiobook or podcast while driving instead of the radio? Or maybe you no longer have a commute, which you think is great, and can use that pocket of time in the morning and evening to work on your goal!

And then there's my favorite pocket of time, lunch time!

Do you plan out your actual lunch meals for the week ahead of time? Lunch for me is an hour of focused goal time! I love to use it to work on AHA! Sisterhood and get in steps for the day, it's amazing what you can get done in an hour of focused time!

What's your hidden pocket of time that you use to get your goals done?

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