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It Starts With You!

As a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a volunteer who also worked full time it was so easy for me to get lost in everyone else's needs.

I wanted to help everyone!

I loved being a part of everything!

And wanted to be needed!

You could call me up saying you needed help with anything and I'd drop whatever I was doing to be there!

But it had a cost.

My Time.

It took me years to realize that time, once gone, is something you can never get back.

Looking back now and thinking about all the people I've helped fills me with warm memories and saddens me at the same time.

Putting myself and needs last left me drained and feeling like I was always behind.

Eating on the run,

Coming home just long enough to sleep a few hours and running out the door again,

Dreaming of a day that I didn't have somewhere to go,

But never wanting to say no to anyone.

I would use a calendar to keep track of my commitments and there were tons of them.

At the time I believed I was making all the right choices, saying yes to everyone and being super helpful.

Looking back I can see I was wrong.

I planned my days and time around everyone else's priorities and needs leaving nothing left for myself.

I'm a planner by nature.


Meals, vacations, outings; breaking down the details is where I really geek out! But I was losing myself in everyone else's needs.

So I decided to shift how I was planning my days, giving myself permission to start with my priorities first, and guess what! I still can be helpful, I still can say yes to things, but now I'm very intentional with my yeses. ♥

It was hard at first but along the way I've learned that planning should NOT be stressful!

If the thought of sitting down and blocking out every moment of your day is freaking you out...

listen, that would FREAK me out too!

Planning your week should make your life SIMPLER!

Sitting down and planning your time starts with YOUR priorities Sister!

If you're starting with all the millions of to do's, can I tell you a secret?

Those will NEVER end!

Start with your priorities first!

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