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No One Has Time For That!

Sister, when do you schedule time for you?

You schedule your month, week, day

You schedule meetings, appointments, lunches

You schedule housework, errands, playdates

You are the CEO of your family and plan/schedule it all BUT when do you schedule time for you?

When was the last time you purposely scheduled down time just for you? And I'm not talking about crashing after work and binge watching Netflix. I mean really scheduling time in the day or week to unplug, sit back, and enjoy something that makes you happy?

I have a friend that loves knitting, she'll sit down and knit a blanket or pair of socks to relax and unwind after a hectic week. I LOVE hiking and will plan a morning hike on a Saturday to get out and spend time in nature with my family, friends, and thoughts.

What's your hobby or passion?

What's the thing that really lets you unplug, relax, and de-stress?

What's something you keep wanting to do but put off because there's not enough time?

I CHALLENGE YOU this week to block out an hour of down time for YOU to unplug and recharge!

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