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Pump Up the Jams!


February here in western PA is cold, gloomy, and this year the winter blues have turned into isolation blues 🥶

Personally my motivation drops drastically right now

All I want to do is


watch tv

and sleep some more

February 2021 has brought another layer to the cabin fever

With nowhere to really go besides the grocery store

Not being able to see family and friends regularly

And not knowing what's going to happen next

So what do you do?

Well, I turned to my vision board on Sunday when planning the week and purposely scheduled time for things that bring me joy!

Made a new mixtape...listening to it right now actually!

Ordered the silicon mold to make hot chocolate bombs...can't wait to start!

Made plans with family

Made plans with friends

And what I'm most excited about, I left open a huge chunk of time this weekend to do something spontaneous with my little one! I don't know what we'll do yet but the time is blocked out and I know we'll have fun 😍

I know, it sounds weird saying I scheduled time to be spontaneous but if I don't block the time something else will come along and steal it...for real, life happens and we need to protect our time as the precious commodity that it is!

If I'm not filling my cup with things that bring me joy then I'm not refilling my motivation!

If I want to tackle my

big goals for 2021 I need to keep my motivation up!

Know my why!

Do things that bring me joy!

As much as my brain is telling me I need to be doing housework and work reports I can't spend every waking hour just on those things.

I'll burn out.

I'll become anxious and overwhelmed.

And bonus! I find when I'm doing things that make me happy I can break through any mental blocks I might have that are stopping me from getting the tough tasks done!

How are you handling the isolation blues right now?

Do you have a tribe you can turn to?

Do you have go to actions that bring you joy?

I'd love to hear what they are!

And if you're looking for a support system to reach those long neglected personal goal, consider joining the AHA! Sisterhood membership community today!

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