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Reflect Before You Leap!

Anyone else doing a little dance and excited that 2020 is almost over?

I sure am!

I was thinking about this past year and it hit me...if we're expecting 2021 to be this huge shift in our lives then we need to be INTENTIONAL going into 2021!

How we want to FEEL

Who we want to BE

What we want to START

What we want to STOP

What CHANGES we want to make

What Dream we want to turn into a GOAL

There won't be a magical flip of a switch at midnight on December much as I wish that were true, that will make everything happen. You are the only one that has that power!

There will always be a never ending 'to do' list.

There will always only be 24 hours in each day.

How and what you spend your time doing and working towards is up to YOU!

What will you choose?

Are you ready to stop the busy and focus on your goals?

Are you wanting to start taking daily action on towards your goals?

The choice is yours to make!

I challenge you to intentionally slow down over the next few days and reflect!

Grab a pen and paper

Pour yourself a glass of whatever you love

Turn off all the distractions

And let yourself think about what you want...and write it down!

Give yourself permission to be still and reflect

The dishes, laundry, email, text messages all can wait for an hour I promise!

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