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She's making her list, checking it twice!

You've done fairly well over the past 6 months with keeping your boundaries.

You've taken small baby steps towards your goal most days.

But now it's the Holidays and everything feels like it's just being thrown out the window!

How the heck do you keep up with your goals AND still enjoy the Holidays?

There's the dinners

The shopping

The decorating

The traditions

Ladies! Let me tell you....MAKE A LIST just like Santa!

Sit down with pen and paper and list out everything you need and want to do, big and small, really get it all out of your head and onto paper.

Don't be shy, seriously list out everything from driving around to see Christmas lights to family dinner at grandma's. Got it all down? GOOD!

Now really look at that list.

What is an absolute MUST HAPPEN for your Holiday's? Mark it with a STAR ⭐

Next go back through the list and pick out anything that you know either won't happen (for whatever reason...) and what you feel is just not going to bring you joy. Now scratch them off the list! That's right, just scribble them right out!

You might have a few things still on the list that aren't starred or crossed out and that's ok. Those are going to be your nice to do things!

Can you guess what's next!?!


get out your planner and schedule! That's right! You're going to start with your starred items and schedule time over the coming weeks for all the things you absolutely know you must do! Once those are scheduled in, move to your nice to do's 😉

The Holiday's can be chaos BUT if you go in with a plan knowing you have the time scheduled for all your favorites that bring you joy and cheer you can make it through smiling and cheerful too!

I'd love to hear some of your favorite Holiday traditions! Share in the comments section!

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