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There's ALWAYS More

Why do we try to do it all?

Why do we feel like work, family, and our homes will fall apart if WE don't handle every little detail and task that comes up?

Why do we pretend we have it all together?

We try to multitask thinking if we can do more at once we'll be able to manage, until we can't.

We try to have a balanced life, until we don't.

We try to be happy and liked by everyone, until we're not.

Has this week been completely exhausting and mixed up and left you feeling completely unproductive? I know it has for me and I hate that feeling and I've been beating myself up for not getting MORE done.

We need to stop the crazy, stop the negative self talk, and stop the insane pressure we put on ourselves to have this elusive balance in our lives!

We can't cook dinner and answer emails for work and play with our kids at the same time and expect to not miss a beat!

Right now, while I'm sitting here writing, I'm also thinking that I should be getting more steps in, picking up our little one's toys that are all over the floor, and that I have at least two dozen messages that still need replied to but you know what? There is only one of me, just like there is only one of you, and we need to give ourselves a break.

We need to remind ourselves of all the things we have done today and that there are only 24 hours in a day. Not everything is urgent, heck, not everything is even important! If the toys sit on the floor until tomorrow will that really be so horrible? If you leave that email, that phone call, or whatever it is that you are trying to SQUEEZE into today, until tomorrow will it really be the end of the world?

There will always be more tasks to do no matter how much you try to get done today so let's give ourselves a break and instead of all the negative self talk let's congratulate ourselves on getting all the most important things accomplished today!

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