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Two weeks into the new year and I'm ready for a vacation!

Can you relate?

For me work demands feel like they tripled

And it's been nonstop since coming back from the holidays

I could throw up my hands and admit defeat


Instead I made the choice to take even smaller steps towards my goals daily

Leaving more time and space to just be present with my little one

Enjoy the sunshine...for the few fleeting moments I see it (That's Western PA for you LOL)

And giving myself grace daily

When I sit down this Sunday to schedule out the week I'm going to leave even more free space than normal for the coming week.

I'm going to move anything on my list that doesn't need done right this moment OR, even better, SCRATCH anything that is no longer a priority!

I'm also going to make sure I have time blocked off to do something that brings me JOY!

I know, that in this season, I need to give myself room to decompress, to just be without having to solve a problem, or work, or do housework.

I know I need to give myself extra space to recharge, laugh...a real laugh, spend time with my family, talk to my friends, all the things that fill me up!

Just remember, you might need to take smaller steps....

But you shouldn't stop taking daily action completely.

Don't Quit!

Your dreams and goals are important too and you will only truly fail if you give up.

Having a setback is a chance to learn!

To learn about yourself and to learn new skills!

A baby takes a 1st step and they fail and give up?


The try again...and again...and again until they get it!

Keep taking those baby steps sister!!!

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