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What's Next?

Do you know your next step?

Do you know exactly what you should be doing when you sit down to focus on your personal goal?

Or do you sit down, think for 1...5...15 minutes on what you need to be doing?

Let's break this down a bit!

You scheduled 30 minutes today to work towards your goal


You kept the appointment with yourself because you KNOW you need to show up for you


But you spent half that time trying to figure out what exactly you should be doing



You need a road map, a plan, that you work from or you're just spending time you don't have trying to figure out what to do!

If you haven't made your road map yet, then spend you're next focused time doing just that!

Bust out your pen and paper and write it out!

You don't need to know all the steps but you need to have an idea of what you're doing.

No matter what your goal is...

weight loss


learning something new

You need an action plan to work from!

Detours will pop up...GUARENTEED!

But you'll be prepared to adjust and continue to move forward because you know your goal and have your plan 😃

When you sit down to focus on your goal and work towards it you'll be able to make progress quicker too because you won't be wasting any more time trying to figure out what's next!

Just remember, one daily small step at a time!

You got this Sister!

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