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Who's Coming w/the Wine & Tissues?

Sharing your dreams with others is scary

Straight up, heart racing, sweat inducing, scary

All the 'what if' thoughts start

What if I fail

What if they laugh

What if it's too hard

What if they think it's dump

What if ___fill in the blank__

But you know what, I honestly believe that sharing your goals and dreams with those closest to you, that support and love you, gives you strength

When the days get tough, and the uphill climb to your goal starts to waiver your commitment who are you going to lean on? Who are you going to call to get a dose of 'you CAN do this' from? Who's going to show up at your house, wine and tissues in hand, let you have your pity party and then tell you that tomorrow you're going to get up and keep going?

Your inner circle, your tribe, your family, whatever you call your closest loved ones and friends, will be there to lift you up because they want to see you succeed and win!

That's exactly what I want for you too!

I want AHA! Sisterhood to be the community that surrounds each other in support and help and gives a giant dose of 'you've got this' every day!

It doesn't matter what your goals are, big or small, we're going to take it one day at a time, one action step at a time, and turn our goals into reality!

Are you wanting to create a backyard garden this spring?

Maybe make your very 1st quilt?

What about writing a book?

Get healthy?

Learn a new language?

Go back to school?

Plan and prepare a months worth of dinners to freeze?

There are as many goals and dreams as their are people, and each one is unique right down to the why!

If you're ready to make the commitment to yourself

Ready to show up for you and turn your goals into reality

Become a member of AHA! Sisterhood and be surrounded by like minded women all working towards uniquely personal goals together!

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