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Would You Say That To Your Little One

Have you ever had one of these thoughts, or even said them outloud about yourself?

"I'm not good at this."

"Why am I even trying, I'm just going to fail and quit."

"Why should I try, it's just going to be too hard, I know it."

Would you ever say something like this to your little one?

"You're not good at this Little Johnny."

"Why are you even trying Little Susie, you're just going to fail and quit."

"Why should you try, it's just going to be too hard Little Michelle know it."


I didn't think so.

Then why do we talk to ourselves like this?

Our words have power.

Our words have the ability to impact our mood, our willpower, our future.

Our words have strength!

Sometimes these thoughts creep in without us consciously even knowing and you know what, it's ok. What's not ok is letting them repeat over and over again. You're just reinforcing those thoughts, giving them power over you. When you hear yourself thinking or saying something so negative about yourself stop and imagine saying that to your little one, don't be surprised if it stops you dead in your tracks!

But don't stop there!

You need to replace it with a positive one now!

"I might not be perfect at this but I'm learning something new!"

"It's not failing, it's learning, and I'll keep showing up every day!"

"This might feel hard now but it will get easier the more I learn and do it!"

Not every day is easy.

Most days are actually tough, exhausting, and maybe even frustrating.

But you know what Sister?

You've GOT THIS!

Take it one negative thought, one small daily action, at a time!

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