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AHA! Sisterhood is an online community to support busy mom's and women while reaching personal goals!

My name is Melissa and I started this community because I saw a need and decided to do something about it. 


I'm a daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend,volunteer, manager, and so much more!  But that's a lot of hats to wear and when I started looking online for a personal growth/development community to help me better strategize, prioritize, and development my personal goals I was shocked by what I found....or rather, what I didn't find! 


I found plenty of online communities that focused on getting to the executive suite or corner office in the corporate world or for entrepreneurs starting a business or looking to grow their business but nothing really that focused on just women and developing their personal goals, visions, and ambitions.  

From that GAPING hole, AHA! Sisterhood was born!  

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The loves of my life are my husband of 9 years Nate and our 21 month old daughter!  As a family we enjoy hiking and will finish the 70 mile Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail this fall, a goal we have been working on in small chunks over 4 years! 

I also love serving and helping others!  I have been a member of a volunteer non-profit for 7 years which I'm also a former board member and past president.  I have a PASSION for planning, scheduling, organizing, and CRUSHING GOALS and want to bring my special talent to you and help make your dreams into reality!  

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